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Hello and welcome to The OC Order. This is a group that celebrates OCs (Original Characters). We know everyone has an OC out there from some sort of show or game for some sort of reason and we want to see them. Hey they don't even have to be from a show or game.They can be completely original. We want to see them by themselves, with their boyfriend/girlfriend, with their friends, and even with their family. We want to see them in a cosplay as another character or dressed in something completely crazy. Hey, just show us your OC.

⇒ No need to ask if you can join!
⇒ You MUST have an OC in all your works that you submit!
⇒ Mature content can be submitted, but please make sure that it's rated properly.
⇒ The Feature folder is just for pictures for our Genderbender exchange. All other art will be rejected. If you place your art in the right folder, it will automatically be approved unless you go over the 3 picture a day limit.
⇒ We're very flexible people, but we don't want any flaming. Creative comments are welcome, but don't say something to someone like "Your character sucks! Mine is better and deserves to be with that character more." Things like that will result in you being banned.
⇒ Besides those things, have fun!








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:new:News and Events:new:
⇒ 5/12/12: I had made this journal back in Janurary and actually had people willing to do this, but college got in my way and I never got to hand out the assignment.

Anyhow... there is still 10 people who are owed their Genderbent character and if you would like to do one for the fun of it or practice please leave a comment here. I'll take one myself so technically I need 9 people.

1. JoyKaiba
2. LavenderYouko
3. Sophizo
4. IndustrialEye  
5. TaintedTruffle
6. Ai-chan13

Thank you and have a nice day,

In other news, :iconanime-lovers-united: is having their One-Year Event

Here's a link to the journal: anime-lovers-united.deviantart…?
Please go join it if it seems interesting to you. You have to August 15th.

:bulletgreen: Suggesting Folders :bulletgreen:
⇒ For those of you who don't see a folder for where your art belongs, you have two options. You can place it in our Others folder or you can be slightly patient, make a suggestion for a folder, and wait until I place that folder up. I check DA everyday, so the folder should be up sooner then you think. So, if you have any folder suggestions, don't be shy to suggest.

:bulletblue: Commissions :bulletblue:  
⇒ I'm selling commissions, really cheap I might add, but if you are interesting in getting a subscription for the group for a commission, I'll do that too.

Go check commissions out… and if you want to donate a subscription for one just tell me in a comment and I'll tell you what you'll get.

Alright, that's it for now! Until next time and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. ^^    

Genderbender Exchange
More Journal Entries


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J-Hartford 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
all of your Original character folders are full
ashuriproductions 4 days ago  Student Artist
(seance i can't put new stuff here would any one like to role play?
ashuriproductions.deviantart.c…   )
ashuriproductions 4 days ago  Student Artist
i mean here that link to my role play i want to do was wrong
chutonon Mar 21, 2014
this is so frustrating!! to create a group and neglected in this way is unforgivable!!
For those still attempting to contact the group leadership:  the founder has not logged into DA for well over 30 weeks, more than six months.  The Co-Founder hasn't logged in in over a year.  Contributors can't produce folders to my knowledge.  So, my suggestion is:

Fill up the "Other" folders towards the base of submissions until they fill up.  The people who run this group will either notice by then or not.  You could, in theory, then switch to "Featured."  Once those are full, if there's still been no contact, it's time to pack up the bags and found a new group.  I'd personally suggest someone competent look into doing that now, as opposed to later.

Don't even look at me though.  My days having the patience to run groups ended a long time ago.
RocioZero Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
All the Completely Original OC folders are full :(
Miapon Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Completly Original Characters 7 folder  is full ;n;
chutonon Mar 10, 2014
Are you ever gonna do anything about your oc folders?
SnowELDS Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
oc folder is full again~ OwO
pokemontrainergray Mar 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
all of your oc folders are full...
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